Mannaged IT Services


HMGTech has the expert knowledge you need to keep your business technology efficient. We provide you with a stable, reliable, cost effective and secure IT infrastructure to keep downtime to a minimum.

Server Support

Our certified Server Support Administrators will keep your business running smoothly and help to prevent operational downtime. Whether your IT department needs an extra hand or you want to completely outsource your IT needs, we can develop a design plan for your particular situation.

Computer Repairs

From Computer repairs to laptop repairs and pc tune-ups we do it all at HMGtech. Our Computer Repair services in Cape Town are your Local Resource for all your Computer & Laptop needs

Cloud Backups

Secure Cloud Backup to shield your business by helping to protect the important files or application needs. Swiftly get back to normal operations by rapidly restoring files after a system failure or data loss.

Mannaged IT Services

For starters, managed services is the intervening management of information technology assets or objects by a third party, which is a company most commonly referred to as Managed Service Providers (MSPs), on behalf of a client. Basically, we at HMGTech pride ourselves on providing the best managed IT services in Cape Town. We identify related problems in management service and offer solutions such as:

1. Network management
2. Storage services
3. Security services
4. Network monitoring

This service is mostly suitable for our business customers with startups and small business enterprises in and around Cape Town. We have up to date technology that ensures that all your IT assets remain in good state, are secure and carefully monitored at HMGTech we offer stable, reliable, cost efficient, secure infrastructure to keep downtime to a minimum. As an MSP we are often proactive in our approach, meaning we will help the business know which services they need and then manage them for them, and we also have specialized programs to help our customers keep track of and monitor all the programs that run in the background of a company, upgrading when necessary. Most people think that these services are needed by big companies only. That is not the case at HMGTech. We carefully check the kind of services your business warrants, then focus on the needs of the business. This in turn enables the company get the most out of just a regular day and thus growth if accelerated.