Server Support


HMGTech has the expert knowledge you need to keep your business technology efficient. We provide you with a stable, reliable, cost effective and secure IT infrastructure to keep downtime to a minimum.

Server Support

Our certified Server Support Administrators will keep your business running smoothly and help to prevent operational downtime. Whether your IT department needs an extra hand or you want to completely outsource your IT needs, we can develop a design plan for your particular situation.

Computer Repairs

From Computer repairs to laptop repairs and pc tune-ups we do it all at HMGtech. Our Computer Repair services in Cape Town are your Local Resource for all your Computer & Laptop needs

Cloud Backups

Secure Cloud Backup to shield your business by helping to protect the important files or application needs. Swiftly get back to normal operations by rapidly restoring files after a system failure or data loss.

Server Support

We, at HMGTech have one of the best well managed server system supports. With our certified server administrators, we keep your business moving with no glitches. By preventing operational downtime, we keep your business fully running smoothly leaving you to only worry about making profits. High standard server administrators, lets us manage business on a personal level, and thus enable us to give a good customer service on a large scale. We know the importance of our customers and understand that they have built themselves with a lot time and effort, and in that case we tend to be very delicate with handling each and every business on our systems. Our support staff is always on call in case of any glitches which on the contrary we hardly get. We believe we are the solution to any start-up out there that needs server support. Our guarantee of no glitches as far as the servers are concerned. Try us!